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Customised, Customisation, Customise? What do they Mean?

Poster_Grammar Lesson from Wizard Within's Grammar Witch

Do we sell customised or customized books? Or is it customise/customize? What is customisation/customization? Read on to find out how to use a word in its adjective, verb and noun forms!

The meaning of "customise" and its example

The meaning of "customised" and its example

More examples:

Wizard Within sells customised books.

I bought a customised book for my child.


Customised in these examples is used an adjective describing “book”.


However, customised is not always an adjective. You have to look at the context. It can also be a past tense verb.

Example: I customised a book for my child on Wizard Within’s website.


Here are two examples of the present tense form:

How can I customise my book?

You can customise it at wizardwithin.com. And for a passive form: Enter three children’s names and the book will be customised for you!

The meaning of "customisation" and its example

We hope this grammar lesson is helpful! If you have any other grammar questions, please ask and we’ll answer them in future blog posts. And if reading about customisation inspired you to customise your own book for a child, head here to get started on your customised storybook!