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How we got the idea for Wizard Within

Wizard Within Team Photo

From the beginning, our team has been committed to developing and creating meaningful experiences for both parents and kids. Observing his own children, our founder, Aik Sern, was motivated to develop products that parents and children could enjoy together. Nowadays, children have fewer opportunities to actively think and use their imaginations as electronic devices compete for their attention.

Through extensive research on children’s products around the world, we found that storybooks are the most engaging ways to promote family bonding. Stories help to develop a child’s imagination by introducing new ideas, and it also benefits child development in other ways. Especially when parents tell a story, it nurtures their relationship with the child.

Wizard Within Reading_Mum!! Dad! Where Are You?

What impressed us the most was the concept of personalised children’s books. Having the child’s own name and the names of friends/family members in a book makes it a special keepsake, much more than an ordinary storybook.

However, in addition to having the name in the book, we wanted to make the story more interactive, something that parents and children could do together, rather than just passively reading. We decided to incorporate lots of fun activities, including memory games, puzzles, physical actions and silly sounds. We came up with over 50 unique activities.

In the book, each child’s friend’s name has an activity that starts with the same first letter (for example, Hop or Hide for Helen). Depending on the names entered, everyone will get a different story and activities. The combinations are almost endless!

Sleepover Adventure_Customised Storybook

Check out the website and try entering a few names to see all the stories you can get! Read a few pages aloud and listen to the rhyme and rhythm of the story. We hope you enjoy our first product, Sleepover Adventure, as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.