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Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?

Where are your mum and dad? You and your parents set off on an exciting camping trip. Your parents set up the campsite and you go into the forest to collect some things for the campfire. When you come back, Mum and Dad have disappeared!

Where have they gone? Does the mysterious glowing flower have something to do with this? Find out now!

Hardcover : RM120.00 Softcover : RM110.00

Special Gift for New Parents

Great gift for parents having their first child! Although the story is for ages 2-8, it’s special for parents to receive a keepsake book with their new baby’s name in it, something that they can treasure together as the child grows up.

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Custom Dedication

Write a personal message to the child at no extra cost. A memorable note from you always reminds the child how much you care.

Tailored to Kids' Interests

Choose from different themes to get a story that matches the interests of the child! (If you’re purchasing for a baby, just choose the theme you like most!). You can choose from Forest Animal Fun, Marvelous Mazes, Stars and Space, Happy and Healthy, Crazy Cars and Planes or Winter Wonderland. Each theme includes fun, educational activities for parents and children to do together.

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