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Brave Katie 11.11 Bundle Set

Dive into the magical world of Wizard’s Funland with our Brave Katie in the Wizard’s Funland Storybook and unleash your creativity with the DIY Carousel Themepark Papercraft Set! ✨

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Set Included:


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Product Description

Brave Katie in the Wizard's Funland

Seek-and-find storybook 🎈

Create interactions between family and children through a fully-illustrated, search-and-find storybook.

Discover 8 exciting locations

Learn about space, dinosaurs, animals, Malaysian culture, and more along the journey. The characters Katie meets will even help you get to know your own family better!

DIY Carousel Themepark Paper Craft Set

Embark on a thrilling journey of creativity with our DIY Themepark Paper Craft Set – your ticket to building your very own theme park!

This enchanting kit is a symphony of imagination and construction, offering everything you need to bring the magic of a theme park to life.

Craft set included:

  • 1x Carousel
  • 1x Circus Tent
  • 4x Stalls
  • 9x Characters
  • 4x Bamboo Sticks
  • 4x Paper Straws
  • 1x Envelope

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