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Christmas Wizard’s Funland Bundle

Let the holiday cheer shine with our Christmas Wizard’s Funland Bundle! Packed with whimsical delights, this bundle brings endless joy to your little ones’ Christmas season.

Brave Katie In The Wizard’s Funland
Embark on a magical journey with the Wizard Funland Storybook! Join Katie in her whimsical adventures and dive into a world of enchantment, igniting imaginations with every page turned.

DIY Carousel Themepark Paper Craft Set
Watch their excitement unfold as they craft their own carousel theme park! This paper craft set brings joy and wonder as kids assemble and create their miniature amusement park. An ideal activity to ignite their creativity and keep them entertained during the festive season.

DIY Dress-up Paper Doll
Let the fun dress-up begin with the DIY Dress-up Paper Doll! Encourage creativity and fashion flair as little designers create stylish outfits and bring their paper doll to life.

Wrap up the Christmas season with creativity and wonder! This joyful bundle is the perfect gift to inspire creativity and playfulness in your young ones. 🌟🎅

🎄🎁 What’s inside?

  • 1x Brave Katie In The Wizard’s Funland
  • 1x DIY Carousel Themepark Paper Craft Set
  • 1x DIY Dress-up Paper Doll

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