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Customised Storybook

Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?

You and your parents set off on an exciting camping trip. Your parents set up the campsite and you go into the forest to collect some things for the campfire. When you come back, Mum and Dad has disappeared!

Where have they gone? Does the mysterious glowing flower have something to do with this?

Send a special child on a magical journey that they will never forget! but this time, with you! Topped with a sprinkle of rhymes and a cute little spell that you can sing along with your child!


How to customise

Recommended for ages 0-8

Preview all 42 pages before buying

6 Different Themes to Choose

Readers' Choice Award

A Beautiful Timeless Gift for New Parents

Great gift for parents having their first child! Although the story is for ages 2-8, it's special for parents to receive a keepsake book with their new baby's name in it. Something that they can treasure together as the child grows up.

Write a special message for your child

A memorable note from you always reminds the child how much you care - get it printed in the book for free!

Choose from 6 Different Themes, Tailored to Your Kids' Interest

Is it... the Freezing Cold Winter Wonderland? The Starry Stars and Space? or is it some Forest Animal Fun? Choose from different themes to get a story that matches the interests of the child!

Extra Activities, Endless fun!

Comes with FREE Nature Activity Booklet and limited sticker.

The Let's Explore booklet is filled with fun activities based around a nature theme. Take your kids on a scavenger hunt, play a family game, make Bee-noculars and more!

6 Different Themes

Cozy Forest Home

Happy and Healthy

Marvelous Mazes

Stars and Space

Crazy Cars and Planes

Winter Wonderland

Our Happy Little Customers

Readers' Choice Award

Best Personalised Storybook

What Parents Say

Peggy Ong
Peggy Ong
Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?
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Peck Snow
Peck Snow
Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?
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My daughter likes the book very much. Now she will act like what the story tell, and baby will stare on Hyun's actions while listening to my reading. When Hyun climb on wall (saved parents and climb to the top of the tree) and baby will look at Hyun and follow her to "climb". Baby will request to join our storytelling moments.
Dr. Dayana
Dr. Dayana
Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?
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Buku ini memang sesuai sangat nak beli kalau nak jadikan hadiah untuk anak kita atau anak kawan atau anak buah, sebab boleh customize kan!
Jax Kelly
Jax Kelly
Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?
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