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What are plurals? Guide for kids!

What are plurals? When do we need to use the plural form of a word? Learn from the Grammar Witch!

Explanation: In English, when we are talking about more than one of something, we have to use the plural form. Usually, that means adding an “s”. If we’re talking about something in the singular (just one), we use an article before it (a, an).

This is often hard to remember if your first language doesn’t use the plural form like this.  In both Chinese and Malay, the singular and plural form is the same.

我要一顆蘋果。= I want an apple.

我要十五顆蘋果 = I want 15 apples.

Saya mahu sebiji epal. = I want an apple.

Saya mahu lima belas biji epal. = I want 15 apples.

We hope this helps you remember when to use plurals. Reading storybooks in English is a great way for children to pick up grammar naturally. Mr Caterpillar is a character who appears in  one of the activities in Sleepover Adventure. You’ll see this story if you enter a friend’s name that starts with F (for Finding bugs!)

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