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Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?

Where are your mum and dad? You and your parents set off on an exciting camping trip. Your parents set up the campsite and you go into the forest to collect some things for the campfire. When you come back, Mum and Dad have disappeared!

Where have they gone? Does the mysterious glowing flower have something to do with this? Find out now!

Hardcover : RM120.00 Softcover : RM110.00

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Sleepover Adventure

In Sleepover Adventure, your child is at a sleepover with two friends. They have fun trying to stay up all night untill suddenly, the friends disappear.

Where have they gone? Your child sets off on a journey to find them, with plenty of fun activities to do along the way.

Hardcover : RM120.00 Softcover : RM110.00