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DIY Chinese Dragon Dance Craft For Kids! (Free Printables)

The 15th day of the lunar year is the Lantern Festival!

People celebrate with paper lanterns and dragon dances. A dragon dance is meant to invite good luck and prosperity. You can click here to know more about dragon dance!

You can invite your child to create your own dragon dance! We’ve created this dragon template download for you to make with your children.

You need:

  • template
  • coloured paper
  • chopsticks
  • tape
  • glue

Print out the template from a colour printer (or print it in black and white and colour it!) and follow the instructions as shown.

Move the chopsticks to make the dragon dance!

Click here for the pdf download.

DIY Chinese Dragon Dance Craft For Kids!_Poster

Some people send up sky lanterns with wishes on them.

These mini hot air balloons look beautiful flying through the night sky. You can learn how to make your own sky lantern here.

But be careful! Any project involving fire can be dangerous.

There’s a much more dangerous way to celebrate the festival in Yanshui in southern Taiwan. People from all over the world go there to have fireworks shot at them. Everyone covers their bodies with many layers and wears motorcycle helmets with masks as thousands of fireworks are shot out from large “beehives”. The fireworks are said to scare away bad luck and illness. However you choose to celebrate, we wish you and your family good fortune in the new year. May all your wishes come true! Explore more blog posts from Wizard Within!

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