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7 Easy Steps to Make a Halloween Mask!

Boo! Halloween is around the corner! Who wants to be the spookiest witch in town? Let’s make a unique and spookiest mask for ourselves to celebrate this festival!
DIY Halloween Mask_Cover
Before we start the tutorial, get these materials prepared.
DIY Halloween Mask_Materials
Just follow these simple instructions:
DIY Halloween Mask_Materials_1
Step 1:
Sketch out the skull shape and pattern on a black/white paper.
Step 2:
Color in your design.
DIY Halloween Mask_Materials_3
Step 3:
Cut out the eyes and nose.
DIY Halloween Mask_Materials_5
Step 4:
Decorate your mask with sequins or stickers.
DIY Halloween Mask_Materials_6
Step 5:

Use a marker draw the teeth.

DIY Halloween Mask_Materials_7
Step 6:
Make two small holes on both sides of the mask.
DIY Halloween Mask_Materials_8
Step 7:
Tie the ribbon to them so you can wear it.
Step 8:
Done! Let’s celebrate Halloween festival!
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