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Let’s make your own Bunny Chang-e!

Make your own Chang’e Bunny to celebrate Mooncake Festival! Send us pictures of your creative Chang’e Bunny if you make them. We’re excited to see all our cute wizard followers!
Just follow these simple instructions:
Step 1:
Prepare the materials.
Step 2:
Draw a bunny face, 2 ears, a moon cake and a pomelo
Step 3:
Color the drawings and cut them out
Step 4:
Stick 3 folded straws together. *put the tape above the folded part of the straw
Step 5:
Cut 3 holes on a paper cup – one at the bottom and another two at the sides
Step 6:
Insert 3 straws through the holes
Step 7:
Stick the bunny head on the straws
Step 8:
Shorten the 2 straws, this will be the bunny’s hand
Step 9:
Stick the mooncake and pomelo onto the bunny’s hand then decorate the bunny’s skirt with color paper
Step 10:
Done! Let’s celebrate the Mooncake festival!

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