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Use Sleepover Adventure to improve your child’s English!

Reading stories makes learning English fun for children of all ages. Although the book is aimed at 2-8 year olds, older children who are learning English will also enjoy the colourful story and activities.

Easy to understand

Seeing names and words that they recognise in an easy-to-follow story builds young learners’ confidence. Even if a few words are unfamiliar, they can grasp the meaning based on the context and pictures.

Rhyme and rhythm

Sleepover Adventure is written in verse. Children can point out the rhymes and near rhymes at the end of the lines. Finding rhymes and reading aloud with a rhythm helps learners with pronunciation.

Total Physical Response (TPR)

TPR is a language learning method used in many ESL classrooms. It was developed by James Asher, a professor of psychology. He observed that children learn more effectively when they put actions to the words that they are learning; for example, by jumping when they see or hear the word “jump”.

In Sleepover Adventure, each friend’s adventure is based on an action starting with the first letter of the friend’s name. The action is repeated several times, and children are encouraged to do the action to complete the activity and find their friend.

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