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How a father can have fun interaction with their child?

It’s easy to forget how much the interactions that we would think of as small and insignificant can mean to a child. We have busy lives full of routine and responsibility, but we’re also the most influential peoples in our children’s lives. We’re supposed to mould them into respectful human beings that contribute to society, but we can have fun along the way though right?!

Some of the most fun interactions I have with my children are at home. It’s a safe place for everyone, and it allows me to act like a fool without embarrassing myself publicly! 


Family Sleepover

Imagination plays a big part in our adventures at home, and whilst most adults have lost the majority of their imagination over the years, thankfully some of us haven’t grown up. 

One of my favourite things to do with the children is to have a family sleepover. We gather all of our duvets and pillows in the lounge arranging them on the sofas and sofa bed, making sure our favourite stuffed animals come along too. We gather snacks and turn off all the lights to create a “cinema”. We pop on a favourite movie and enjoy an evening together. It’s such a simple idea, and yet has given us so many happy fun memories since having children.


Another time when you can really relax and have great fun with your child is whilst reading with them. Of course, you have to do all of the voices and actions too!

“Sleepover Adventure” is a customised storybook that captures two of our favourite things in one book: Reading and sleepovers. Your child will love seeing their own name and the names of their friends on the pages, and will equally enjoy recreating the sights and sounds of the adventure with you.

Still thinking a way to connect with your little one? Check out our interactive customised storybooks which are perfect to cultivate children’s love of reading!

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