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3 Tips on How To Successfully Communicate With Your Child

Communication is essential for establishing a positive relationship with your child. You want your child to feel they can come to you with their thoughts, problems and good news as they grow older. If you are looking to improve your bond, here are three tips on how to successfully communicate with your child.

Listen To Your Child

It is important to listen to your child when communicating with them. In fact, you want to give them your full, undivided attention. Use words and phrases to show you are listening to your child. If your child feels you are not listening to them, they may hesitate to communicate with you in the future. Remember, children can tell if you are listening to them.

Use Clear, Kind Phrases

You want to acknowledge your child’s feelings when communicating with them. For example, you may want to say, “I know you are upset, but we cannot play in the rain.” You should also give clear directions without shaming, unkind words or talking at your child. Another example is, “I need you to start your homework, so we have time to read aloud later.”

Help Them Express Themselves

It is not always easy for children to express themselves, especially when learning how to identify and manage their emotions. One way to encourage communication is to find a way to help your child express themselves. You can allow them to choose a book to read and discuss, or you can ask them to draw a picture or write a story about their feelings.

If you want a book that encourages communication with your child, consider “Sleepover Adventure.” Whether they are sharing their favorite part of the story or how they would handle the situation, this book is a great way to encourage your child to share their feelings.

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