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9 Fun Activities in Let’s Explore booklet!

If you have our customised storybook “Mum! Dad!! Where Are You?”, it comes with “Let’s Explore booklet”! Here are 9 fun activities you can do with your precious little one! Hurry up and create a magical moment that belongs to you and your child!

This activity booklet includes everything from board games to arts and crafts to field trips that they can do on their own or with the family. It is all based around nature theme! Let’s Explore booklet is most suitable for children aged 3-8. Use the booklet to satisfy curious little minds through outdoor play, observation and exploration that can spark curiosity and creativity.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful activity for little one to play while exploring nature. The list has nine objects that children and parents can try to spot in a nearby park or in your garden. There are many things in the illustrations that you can talk about with your little one and it’s a great vocabulary builder. Other than the objects in the list, parents can also make up your own list of different things that little ones will enjoy exploring too.

2. Family Outing

‘Family outing’ is a great activity for your little ones to remember their favourite things they’ve done together with youIn our book, Mum! Dad!! Where are You? takes a family on an adventure in nature. You can have your own family adventures in nature here in Malaysia too if you want to create new experiences with your little one.

3. Let’s Learn About Wild Daisy

Bring along your little one for a short walk in the neighbourhood or to the park and see if you can spot some wild daisies. Remember to only pick one daisy and stick it in the booklet. An extra fun activity you can do with your child is to grow some flowers in your garden. It is an excellent way for your child to learn how things grow. Here are some types of flower that anyone can try to grow.

4. Let’s Learn About Bees

Make buzzing sounds like the bees while connecting the bees to the flowers is a fun way to help your little one to learn to associate words with objects.

5. Bee-noculars

You can make the bee-noculars with your child right after learning about bees too and use it outdoors to see if you can spot a bee!

6. Bugs and Ladders

‘Bugs and Ladders’ is simple to understand and fun to play, this game will delight parents and children alike as we’ve included lovely and sweet questions in the squares. Before you start the game, you can cut out and build the die and pieces from our cardboard template. By the end of the game both parents and child will know each other a little better, whether it’s their favourite song or their favourite food.

7. Let’s Draw

In our book, Mum! Dad!! Where are You? your child gets to wear a flower crown and fly away with mum and dad. After seeing their own name in the storybook, it will be fun to see how your little one draw themselves wearing a flower crown too. All the parents need to do is let your little one run their imagination wild and remember, there’s no right or wrong way to draw as long as they have fun!

8. Design Your Own Campground

This activity is a wonderful opportunity for your little one to show their artistic sensibility and embrace their imagination. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a pop-up tent to kickstart the fun. Other than making a paper tent, you can build a blanket fort together with your little one and have a camp-in too for the night! That will certainly be a lovely memory for your family.

9. Spot the Flying Flower

After a full day of fun, you sit down with your family, looking at the night sky full of stars. Fireflies came along to join the party- twinkling, blinking, winking at you as they pass by. Among those fireflies, there are three magical flying flowers. If you spot them and whisper your wishes, your wish might come true!

Do this activity before bed and let your child whisper a wish before they sleep. If they are having a nightmare, you and your child can wish away the nightmare together!

Here’s a lovely blog by a Mom about the importance of a child’s wishes, how to start and what to do with them.

Join the magical flower and complete these fun crafts and activities. We’d love to see your creations, add a photo to Instagram and use #wizardwithinexplore, we’d love to see all your works of art! If you don’t already have our Mum! Dad!! Where are You? storybook, then click here to start customising your own book.

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