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Let’s make your own Flower Paper Ring!

If your child is a nature explorer and lover, you would definitely love this craft tutorial! Make a Flower Paper Ring for your mum and dad! These Flower Paper Ring are beautiful and are actually super simple to make! Let’s get started!

Here are 10 steps to follow :

Step 1:
Prepare the materials.

Step 2:
Draw and cut out the shapes based on the photo as shown.

Step 3:
Cut into the swirl – follow the line.

Step 4:
Roll along the spiral.

Step 5:
Continue rolling to form a rose shape.

Step 6:
[Making the ring] Take the green ring base. You will see a dashed line next to the half-circle. Cut along that dashed line on both sides.

Step 7:
Slide one slit into the other.

Step 8:
Put on glue and stick two leaves on the ring base.

Step 9:
Take the rolled flower and stick it on the ring.

Step 10:
Done! And place the ring on your or mum dad’s fingers.

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