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5 Fun Nature-themed Books for Kids

Is your child excited about exploring nature? Here are five fun books to encourage learning about and exploring the great outdoors!

Hide And Seek by Anthony BrowneHide and Seek written and illustrated by Anthony Browne

This story about a brother and sister, named Cy and Poppy, playing hide and seek in the forest features lovely, realistic illustrations of nature. Sometimes the woods can be scary. Will Poppy find Cy or is he hiding too well? What other surprise will they find in the forest? The last page after the story ends has a list of things kids can go back and find throughout the story.


Animal Homes - five fun books to explore nature!Animal Homes - five fun books to explore nature!

Animal Homes by Angela Wilkes

This non-fiction book teaches children about where animals live and encourages them to explore nature for themselves. Beautiful photographs show common animal homes and show how the animals make them and why each home is best suited to each animal. The last part of the book contains fun projects for kids so they can make model animal homes and observe animals in the wild.


Follow Me Around the Garden written and illustrated by Camille GarocheFollow Me Around the Garden written and illustrated by Camille Garoche

Follow Luna the cat around the garden as she takes some friendly puppies to find her friends. There are lots of different animals in various habitats around the garden, but everything seems to be quiet today. Kids look under 50 flaps to find the hiding animals and guess what they might be planning. It’s a special day for Luna. Can you guess what it is?


What’s Hiding in There? written and illustrated by Daniela DrescherWhat’s Hiding in There? written and illustrated by Daniela Drescher

In this magical lift-the-flap book, kids help fairies find woodland creatures. The animals and scenery look realistic, so children can learn about their natural habitats and what they eat. The flaps are tightly attached to the pages and you can barely see a line where they are. Finding the flaps is an added challenge!


Customised Storybook Mum! Dad!! Where are You? by Wizard WithinMum! Dad!! Where are You? from Wizard Within

This customised storybook takes your child on an adventure in nature with their parents. The family is on a camping trip when they meet a magical flower that whisks them away to faraway lands. Each book comes with a “Let’s Explore” booklet with lots of nature-related activities that you and your child can do together. Order yours here!