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Sleepover Adventure: Designed to help preschoolers learn

Sleepover Adventure is not only fun; it’s also educational. Every storybook contains interactive activities to spark children’s curiosity and encourage learning.

Name recognition

To a very young child, their own name is one of the most important words. It’s usually the first word that children learn how to read and write. Seeing their own name in the storybook gets them excited about reading even if they don’t yet know how to read any other words.

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Silly sounds

Making silly sounds helps very young children learn to associate words with objects and enhances their verbal ability.

Sleepover Adventure includes lots of fun sounds from animal noises (“Moooo”) to instrument sounds (“Bam, bam”) to vehicle sounds (“Vrroooom” and “Zooooom”). These keep children engaged and making meaningful associations.

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Memory activities have been proven to help preschoolers’ cognitive development. In picture memory activities, children focus their attention to remember what they see in the picture. Finding the images again on the next page builds their recognition skills.

In the beginning of every Sleepover Adventure book, children play the wizard’s memory game. They may also get other memory activities in the friends’ stories.

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