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7 Steps to make your own party hat for the wizard’s party!

This tutorial was inspired by a few teacups left out in the pantry of the wizard factory, we then realise we can utilise them to make a cute party hat! Let’s us hands-on to make our own party hat and set off to the wizard’s party!
Step 1:
Prepare the materials.
Step 2:
Stick the decorative masking tape around the paper cup.
Step 3:
Decorate your party hat with colorful stickers.
Step 4:
Add some star stickers too!
Step 5:
Stick the tape on each side of the party hat
Step 6:
Stick on your head! If you don’t want tape on your head, you can also try using hair pins/clips.
Step 7: Done! Let’s join the party!

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