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7 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Party Hat!

The Wizard Factory is always full of surprises! This time, we’ve left a few teacups in the pantry. We realized that these cups are perfect for crafting our own party hats and set off to have some fun at this year’s festival with friends old and new. Let’s get crafty!
Make Your Own Party Hat_1
Step 1:
Prepare the materials.
Make Your Own Party Hat_2
Step 2:
Stick the decorative masking tape around the paper cup.
Make Your Own Party Hat_3
Step 3:
Decorate your party hat with colorful stickers.
Make Your Own Party Hat_4
Step 4:
Add some star stickers too!
Make Your Own Party Hat_5
Step 5:
Stick the tape on each side of the party hat
Make Your Own Party Hat_6
Step 6:
Stick on your head! If you don’t want tape on your head, you can also try using hair pins/clips.
Make Your Own Party Hat_7
Step 7: Done! Let’s join the party!
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